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About us

SMART TRADE INC. LIMITED - is a unique invest fund, closely operating since 2017 in the UK. Our team invests free capital in various crypto-currencies, such as: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etehrum, DogeCoin, etc., with the purpose of further reselling these currencies on popular crypto-exchange markets. Digital money is a promising, anonymous and new industry for investment, which increasingly makes investors find out about this sphere.

What is cryptocurrency exchange?

Exchange market is an online portal or an internet web-site where traders exchange one crypto-currency for an another. Trading in major pairs of crypto currency is almost identical to such global platforms as Forex, where people sell and buy them with further benefits.

Our activities

Any cryptocurrency exposed to financial fluctuations, namely a jump or drop in its nominal value. Professional financial traders of our company conduct a thorough analysis of cryptocurrency and choose the most interesting conditions for trading.

The company's goal

The main goal of our company is to reduce risks, and to ensure regular profit for our investors by attracting additional private investments and subsequent reinvestment of the collected assets. Private investment will help us to increase the monthly income, by gaining active transactions on exchanges markets and increasing the volume of trades.

Start earning regular profits with the SMART TRADE INC LIMITED. Our company is a right choice of stability and reliability. The daily profit without risks is real. We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure a high return for our investors.